Governor Chris Christie Is Pissed Jeopardy Contestants Don't Know Him

Just a couple of days ago, Jeopardy! had a pretty tough Final Jeopardy category, which featured N.J. Governor Chris Christie as one-half of the answer to the query. Only one of the three Jeopardy! contestants capably answered the question, and this week Governor Chris Christie shot off a few choice remarks about the contestants who couldn’t pull his or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's name out during the Final Jeopardy. Hint: the words are not particularly understanding.

He’s the only one who got it, from what I understand. The other two crapped out on it. Good, [they] deserve to lose. If you are on Jeopardy! and you don’t know me and Cuomo, you deserve to lose! C’mon.

If you didn’t catch the episode, the guy pictured above, who happens to be from New Jersey, is the one who got the answer right, although he didn’t wager any money on his bet. However, not everyone was able to name Chris Christie off the top of his or her head. To the contestant’s credit, however, Jane did so poorly in the round that she didn’t even get to play Final Jeopardy, meaning that Kate was the only contestant to actually miss the answer to the question. What we’re saying is, it wasn’t the most awkward Jeopardy! fail we’ve ever seen.

In addition, it does seem more like a toughie when you see how the politics-based question was set up for the contestants:


So, the question was a little bit tougher than simply knowing that Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey. Still, if you are going to know a few United States governors, Chris Christie should probably be toward the top of the list. The man’s been outspoken about a slew of topics, including the Jersey Shore cast, his own weight, and actual political topics, like Common Core standards. He was also famously a mainstay on the news when Superstorm Sandy came through, handling cleanup efforts. A lot of people know who he is.

Unfortunately, not everyone does, which led to the above hilarious rant by Christie himself on his monthly radio show, as reported by MSNBC. Still, if Christie was expecting everyone to get the Final Jeopardy answer right, he obviously hasn't really paid attention to the series before. Final Jeopardy whiffs have been happening for years.

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