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Graceland Series Premiere: Watch The Full Pilot Episode And Season Preview Here

USA debuted Jeff Eastin's new drama series Graceland last night, and those who missed it can watch the full pilot episode in its entirety above. The series premiere introduced us to Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), a rookie FBI agent who's fresh out of Quantico and assigned to live with a group of undercover law enforcers in a Southern California beachfront house referred to as "Graceland."

That's as vague as I'm going to be going forward, so if you haven't watched the series premiere, read no further (or consider yourselves spoiler-warned!).

The premiere episode focused on Mike's initiation into the house, which is resided by FBI, DEA and customs agents working on different assignments and trying to maintain their cover. They also get to surf and enjoy the amazing Real World-like living situation. Of course, with the fancy digs comes personal drama, conflict and the kind of tension you might expect to come from a group of armed people who lie for a living and are constantly put in life-or-death situations.

It's looking like Daniel Sunjata's FBI Agent Paul Briggs will take Mike under his wing, but we learned at the end of the pilot episode that Mike's undercover assignment is actually to investigate Briggs. Twist! Will Mike be able to maintain his cover and keep his eye on his target? Or will he get so drawn into the Graceland life and whatever bond he might form with Briggs that he becomes conflicted? I'm thinking the latter, but watch the video below, which previews what's ahead this season and decide for yourself!

It looks like trust is going to play a big factor in this story, and given that Mike's assignment is essentially to lie to the people he's living with, that situation could get messy pretty fast.

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.