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Napoleon Dynamite’s Tina Majorino spent the last year recurring on TV shows ranging from procedurals to vampire dramas. I initially wondered if the actress would have trouble landing gigs after HBO's Big Love ended its run, but so far, she’s been doing pretty well. After successful stints on Bones and True Blood, the star is heading to ABC, where she will don scrubs for the upcoming ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately, like the rest of the live-action gigs finding her, Majorino’s stint on the show will be short term.

Although TV Guide is reporting most of the details surrounding Majorino’s role are being kept under wraps, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has been quick to point out the show is in no hurry to replace the characters cut at the end of Season 8:
"It's really interesting that everybody seems to think we've hired new series regulars. It's not. We hired some really lovely guest stars who are doing some really lovely guest-star stuff. It boils down to the fact that all our doctors are attendings and one of the things that I want to see our attendings doing is teach, so that's what we're seeing."

I’m pretty sure there will never been an ample substitute for Eric Dane, and I am kind of happy Rhimes doesn’t see the newbies as full replacements. Utilizing different guest stars for a little while will give the show a chance to see if different characters fit and will also give the Season 9 cast a chance to loosen up and fill the holes left by the missing character's absences. There are a a lot of changes coming in Season 9, but despite Rhimes’ secrecy, Zap2it seems to have a grip on a couple of those changes, including obtaining the knowledge Majorino will be playing an intern named Heather. Coincidentally the actress used to play a character named Heather on Big Love. I don’t know if the cosmos are aligning or what, but Majorino sort of does look like a Heather, doesn’t she?

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