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No matter how many places you’ve gotten food in your life, and how much food you’ve eaten in those places, you probably won’t come anywhere near the plethora of calories that TV personality Adam Richman has packed in. (Unless you happen to be Guy Fieri.) That means that most of us will be missing out on some truly delicious dishes from around the world, but then we’ll also happily be missing out on some insanely gross delicacies. Such as jellied eels.

If just hearing the name of that dish made you balk with a nervous sneer, Richman’s description of it will only make things more stomach-turning. The Travel Channel mainstay took part in a Reddit AMA earlier today, and here’s what he had to say when asked which food was the nastiest he’d ever tasted.
Probably in recent memory, it was jellied eels in London. I’m not insulting the dish or those who really love it, it was just not my bag. Fishy, boney eels in a gelatinous substitute somewhere because mucus and Vaseline. There were crunchy bones in it.

If I were in London, I think I’d rather lick the perimeter of Big Ben than try those eels. I’m not a big fan of jellied anything, but getting an animal in that state sounds like it would cause all the nausea. Here’s what the dish looks like, which would already lead me to judge this book by its gelatinous cover.


But eating this wasn’t the hardest challenge that Richman has ever faced. When asked about that, he obviously had to mentally go over many dozens of Man v. Food challenges he experienced, and this is what he landed on.
The breakfast burrito in Denver was pretty gross, mostly because of the fact that it was about 2.5 pounds heavier than they told me it was going to be, and it had 2 things I really disliked – green pepper and little chunks of ham.

I kind of thought I was alone in hating tiny chunks of ham, but I can take comfort in this. Of course, now I’m just thinking about tiny pieces of ham inside of the bones-filled jellied eels, and I kind of want to take a sleeping pill and stop thinking about everything for a while.

And after all that, when asked what his biggest regrets were on his shows, he says “the spicy challenges” and trying peanut butter on a hot dog. I love a good homemade crunchy peanut butter on a hot dog for some reason. Maybe Adam Richman and I don’t have as much in common as I thought.

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