HBO just never stops getting and delivering the goods. Forget their old slogan (it's not TV, it's HBO), it should just be 'HBO Enough Said.' Without any degree of hyperbole, I cannot remember the last HBO series that I didn't watch and respect. Sure, Entourage has gone down the tubes and Rome may have crumbled under the weight of its own production but Home Box Office Entertainment keeps on churning out the quality hits (not an oxymoron). And their newest pickup sounds like yet another must watch...

Deadline broke the news that the Sundance hit documentary Knuckle, directed by Ian Palmer, will be adapted into a new series at the premium cable network. Even more exciting is the creative team they've brought in to bring the doc to life... namely, Irvine Welsh and Jody Hill. Welsh has written several books that take place in the seedy underbelly of his native Scotland, most notably Trainspotting (he also wrote the screenplay for the cult film) while Hill made a name for himself (and frequent collaborator Danny McBride) with HBO's Eastbound and Down.

Deadline describes the documentary (and therefore the new series) as "about two Irish families who settle a longstanding dispute by periodically engaging in bare-knuckle bouts, beating each other to bloody pulps, and focuses on two brothers, James Quinn and Michael McDonagh." Welsh is on board to write the script while Hill, originally attached as just a producer, is now set to direct the pilot. Irvine Welsh, Jody Hill and bare-knuckle bouts? I'm in.

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