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Once again, HBO is stepping up to the plate and taking on a ridiculously ambitious project and, in light of their success rate, I couldn't be more excited. When handling a 'geek property' you must always tread with care but with HBO's stellar track record, Game of Thrones being the most recent, I feel like this project is in good hands. The project? It's some pretty exciting news for Neil Gaiman fans...

No. It's not the much coveted and yet developmentally stunted Sandman adaptation (if only...) but news of a Tom Hanks-HBO series based on Gaiman's American Gods. And they don't seem to be interested in just testing the waters because the announcement, according to The Hollywood Reporter, calls for a six season, open ended order with "10-12, hour-long episodes with a budget of around $35-40 million per season, targeted to debut on the cable powerhouse in 2013 at the earliest."

Sounds pretty exciting but I remember a similar grandiose announcement not to long ago about a Dark Tower so I take the news with a 'believe it when I see it' attitude... But if we do get to see an HBO American Gods done right, well, that'd be beyond rad, and this sound bite, from exec producer Gary Goetzman (Hank's partner at Playtone Productions), inspires some confidence, "there are some crazy things in there. We'll probably be doing more effects in there than it's been done on a television series." 2013? I guess I can wait.