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Steven Spielberg is partnering with 343 Industries on a Halo live-action TV show. Spielberg will act as executive producer for the series, which will air through Xbox Live.

The show's announcement came at the unveiling event for the Xbox One, successor to the Xbox 360. Microsoft is billing the Xbox One as an "all-in-one gaming and entertainment system." Original programming, such as live events and shows, is a key component of that sales pitch.

The Xbox Live series will be Spielberg's first work in the Halo universe. He was the subject of many rumors regarding the Halo feature film, though. It was believed that his company Dreamwork Productions was going to resurrect shelved project. That never happened but this new series proves that he had a fondness for Master Chief, after all.

"For me, the Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet to create something really groundbreaking," Spielberg said during the Xbox One event (via NBC).

It's not clear whether the Halo show will be an adaptation of previous games or a tie-in for a new game. My assumption is the latter. Just as the live-action series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn set up the events of Halo 4, this show could serve as a bridge to the next Halo. Though Microsoft didn't announce it today, they're no doubt developing a new Halo for the Xbox One.

Also unknown is the release window or name of this Halo show. Again, that makes sense if you believe the show is a tie-in for the next Halo. If Microsoft went ahead and announced Halo 5: The TV Show today, they'd be tipping their hand about the game. It's likely we won't find out much more about this TV series until Microsoft announces the first Xbox One Halo game.