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With all of the unanswered questions and cliffhangers lingering in the air following the first season of Showtime's intense new drama series Homeland, there's plenty of reason to look forward to the series' return for Season 2 this fall. Series star Claire Danes is another reason to anticipate Season 2, especially given how things ended for her character in Season 1. Danes is featured in the newest teaser to make its way online for Homeland. Check it out ahead!

Homeland follows the return of a recovered prisoner of war (Damien Lewis) and the CIA operative (Claire Danes) who believes he might have been turned in captivity and may be helping terrorists carry out a plot on U.S. soil. Last week, we shared the teaser, which featured Lewis' character Nicholas Brody with the ominous tagline "His mission hits home." This one looks at the other side of the story, at Claire Danes' character Carrie, who (spoiler alert if you're not caught up with Season 1!) was about to undergo shock therapy due to her emotional issues.

"You wait. You lay low. Then you come to life."

Is she talking about herself? Or her suspicions of Brody?

If nothing more, the teaser does well to remind us that we really have no idea what's ahead for Danes' character. What will shock therapy do to her? Will she remember the realization she had just before she went under? Will she still be in love with Brody? And how will she get back involved in the case, as she inevitably will?

We'll find out when Homeland returns for Season 2 on September 30 on Showtime.

And on a related note, I'm watching last night's broadcast of the Tony Awards, when who should appear on screen but none other than a singing, presenting Mandy Patinkin. Maybe his character Saul will be featured in the next Homeland teaser Showtime releases!

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