OK, so I've held onto the mystery long enough: It happened. Might as well put Homeland’s biggest season three finale reveal right up front, so as not to get it twisted; Nicholas Brody be dead, y’all. And thank goodness for that. Indeed, after a bit of redemption and knowledge-dropping from Carrie on that status of her fetus and the life she hoped to live with him, a gruesome hanging took our ginger pariah from this earth. We knew he wouldn't get out alive. He was, at long last, at peace with the life he had lived. And we were finally relieved that the inevitable (and long overdue) took place. The death of a cockroach, as told by the heroin pusher (sorry, doctor) of Caracas — and P.S. that doctor was way right.

Carrie’s life is about to be rebooted, thanks to that death, and there's literally anywhere they could go from here. Which, considering the series' consistency problem, gives cause for pause. Great performances from everyone involved, to be sure, but the storytelling felt a bit ...overdone? (Or maybe everything after these past few episodes was destined to feel this way.) It was a finale so it was supposed to be big, sure, but there’s big and then there’s drawing a star on the wall of the CIA with a Sharpie, complete with security guard standing 10 feet away from your squeaky-inked ass, doing nothing.

Brody’s exit was very fine, though: very full-circle-y, right down to what some could call his his rebirth in the desert — just like his original birth (only that time was in the Mojave)! (See guys: I know what circles are.) You always see the stars better out in the desert anyway (ooh, look at that). But yes, Brody has finally accepted his fate and legacy as a man, with redemption on his side (at least to those who mattered). These few moments of the duo in East Bumble, Iran, felt like a direct nod to the oft-referenced “Cabin” episode: two characters reunited, that were only ever fully honest — with themselves and the world — when they were with each other. (Hello, disasterpiece: thy name is the Carrie-Brody shippers.) What’s Carrie going to do without her honesty equal? She thought for so long that Brody would be in the picture; somehow this would all just work. She hadn’t planned for the possibility that her plan wouldn’t work.

Which led to Carrie getting a major case of the sads, wherein she decided that maybe going through with Baby Girl Brody (a.k.a. Dana Part II times A BILLION) times just ain’t for her. Sooooort of late to make that call, Ms. Eight-Months-Preggers. I suppose that’s to be expected, though: to not want the baby of the love of your life that you just had to watch die by hanging in a square in Tehran for killing the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Might be a bit of a stinger, that wee bairn, and her father’s declarations of “I will not let you be your mother and walk out on your baby like she did no pressure!” probably didn’t help matters either.

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