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While we’re smack dab in the middle of the chaotic back half of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, there is still some zombie fun to look forward to. Shortly after Season 6 of The Walking Dead ends, the sophomore season of spinoff Fear The Walking Dead will premiere. The first season of Fear ended with our group of survivors planning to take to the seas in order to avoid the dead. While we all had doubts about how successful this plan could be, it turns out that showrunner David Erickson has similar concerns. Check out his thoughts below. 
We’re not the only people who had the bright idea to get off land. There’s a huge coast, and there are a lot of other vessels that have gone to the sea. So we will encounter people that have different agendas than we do out on the water. And then when we try to escape those dangers and go to land, we’re going to encounter people who are interested in trying to get to sea as well. And the great thing about our yacht the Abigail — we’ll come to learn in the first episode that there are a lot of great elements to this boat that would make it attractive to people. And that’s going to become a problem as we move forward as well.

This statement, which comes to us from EW, seems very telling as to the main conflict of Fear The Walking Dead’s second season. The group is trying to find safety, but in the zombie apocalypse there are threats at every turn.

Since the apocalypse is still pretty recent in Fear The Walking Dead, there are a lot of experiences that the group hasn’t yet gone through. Specifically, Madison and company haven’t seen just how dangerous other people can be. While Salazar seems to have experienced the terror of fellow humans in his past, the rest of the group is completely unprepared for just how corrupt people are at the end of the world.

In the trailer we’ve seen for Fear The Walking Dead thus far, there has been a mixture of the group both on both land and sea. This originally seemed confusing, but now it appears that the characters will be walking a delicate line through Season 2. At some points it was safer to be on Strand’s yacht, while the group will also find themselves heading back to shore and facing new threats there. Unfortunately the main characters in Fear aren’t massive in numbers and can likely be overpowered easily. 

Check out one of the trailers for Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead below.

Overall, Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead looks like it is going to give us all the action we perhaps didn’t get in the first season. 

Fear The Walking Dead premieres Sunday April 10th on AMC.

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