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Watching this clip from tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother has me flashing back to the excellent “Slap Bet” episode. Much like the infamous slap bet, which has been revisited more than once since the original episode, tonight’s episode of HIMYM involves an interesting and very high-stakes deal.

Is the chance at squeezing Lily’s boobs worth the risk of having to wear a ducky tie for a year? I’ll let you watch this video and decide for yourselves.

What I love about How I Met Your Mother is that there’s really no way to predict how this will turn out. On one hand, Barney groping Lily for bit would be the simplest way to resolve the episode, however, if How I Met Your Mother has shown us anything, it’s that the series isn’t above letting certain issues get drawn out over long periods of time. Take the slap bet, for example... or the fact that we still have no idea how Ted met his kids’ mother. Barney could very well end up in a ducky tie for a year.

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.