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How Much Anthony Bourdain Spent On Dinner With The President

A cheap, but good, dinner for two is not easy to come by in this day and age. Even fast food is way more expensive than it used to be. But, when you’re a world traveling culinary beast like Anthony Bourdain, it turns out that it’s not so hard to put together a few dollars for a solid meal, even when you are eating with President Obama.

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Well, alrighty then. As most people would, Anthony Bourdain took to his Twitter page to brag about his cheap-o meal with President Obama. This six-dollar dinner of bun cha, which is a dish made of grilled, fatty pork over white rice noodles with herbs and a side dish of dipping sauce, happened yesterday in Vietnam. The dish is popular in the Northern region of the country. The segment was filmed in Hanoi for Bourdain’s CNN travel show Parts Unknown, and is scheduled to air in September.

And, lest you think he simply told the world about picking up the tab after a meal with the president, he also included a tweet with a photo so everyone would know how special he was. And, honestly, you know you’d do the same thing.

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President Obama is someone who has probably gotten pretty used to really fancy food eaten in really fancy places, so, congratulations to Anthony Bourdain for not filling his Twitter feed with selfies of himself and the president making funny faces while slurping noodles and pretending that the fresh herbs that came with their food are funny mustaches. I totally would have, at least attempted, to guilt the president into such silliness just to share the joy of getting him to eat like a regular person who needs to save money while traveling. And, I’d like to think that I’d get one good, ridiculous photo out of him before the secret service stepped in and told me to act like a damn adult, already.

You can check out Anthony Bourdain’s Vietnamese meal with President Obama after Parts Unknown debuts its new season on CNN, September 27. Until then, check out our summer TV premiere schedule to catch up on all your favorite summer shows.

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