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The Walking Dead is ending its sixth season tonight, which means fans are going to have a long wait for new episodes. On the bright side, Universal Studios Hollywood is looking to put together a permanent Walking Dead-based attraction that would improve upon the Halloween Horror Nights stuff the theme park already has going related to AMC’s hit series. Even better, we’ve now learned the new attraction will also be a lot like the TV show in a few key ways.

First and foremost, Greg Nicotero is involved. The executive producer is also the showrunner on the AMC drama and Universal revealed recently at WonderCon that Nicotero’s company is developing animatronics that will be a part of the attraction, along with live performers. Secondly, IGN is noting that the new attraction is going to actually feature moments from throughout The Walking Dead’s rich and violent six seasons. We have no idea what those moments might be, but they could be as vague as nods to locations such as the CDC, the prison or Alexandria. Or it could be more gruesome details, like Lizzie hanging out near some flowers or Hershel’s head making an appearance. We don’t know all of the details but we do know the "Don’t Open, Dead Inside" sign will be a part of the new Universal Studios Hollywood attraction.

The cool thing about an attraction like this is that it can flash back to key moments and characters from the series while still being a brand new experience for park-goers. Hollywood Studios is basically built around rides that nod at famous movie and TV properties, including stuff based on Fast & Furious, Shrek, King Kong and even the Harry Potter franchise (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in the park in Studio City this month.)Obviously, some of these rides nod more strongly at their franchises than others, but since Walking Dead fans are super avid, it makes sense that details from the TV series will make their way into the attraction.

The other big bonus? The Walking Dead-based attraction is coming soon. Fans will be able to "fight for survival" as early as the summer of 2016. You can find out more about the attraction over at Universal’s site.

If you don’t live anywhere near Hollywood, there’s still some pretty good Walking Dead news. While Season 6 is ending this weekend, AMC has already renewed the drama for a seventh season, which means our favorite characters—or at least any of them who don’t bite the dust in the finale—will be back next fall. We’ve already compiled some details about Season 7. For what we know, head here.

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