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Nobody ever said that trying to live a normal life among walkers in a zombie apocalypse would be easy, and it certainly hasn’t been for the survivors on The Walking Dead. When the show returns later this year for Season 6, fans should be anticipating something completely different, and a lot of it has to do with trying to watch these characters reach a level of homeostasis that this world hasn’t provided them in a long time.

The Walking Dead’s promotional campaign has been in full force for a few weeks now, and if that action-packed trailer wasn’t enough to get fans excited, star Norman Reedus wants everyone to expect some changes.
Season 6 is much different than the previous seasons. It’s kind of our group being okay with stability and fighting stability and figuring out if we can actually live with other people.

For so long now, Rick and his roving group have been trying to make sense out of the madness around them that when some form of normalcy actually presents itself, they’re ill-equipped to handle it correctly. Reaching Alexandria should have been the greatest thing to happen to this group in ages, and yet things almost immediately went sour once the outsider survivalists met up with the walled-in survivalists, and both groups had entirely different ideas about what “creature comforts” were. And the Season 5 finale, which involved a walker breach of the main gate, left Deanna’s husband Reg dead along with Jessie’s husband Pete, and those deaths are going to weigh heavily on everyone’s minds. Poor Deanna…maybe.

But even if the Alexandrians forgive and forget everything that’s happened since Rick & Co. got there, who’s to say that Rick & Co. give a shit about being forgiven? This is as much an adjustment for them as anyone else, and Reedus also shared this point with EW.
You’ve taken a bunch of wild animals and put them in a domestic environment, and some of them prefer to be wild animals, and some of them can’t figure out how to be anything other than that.

There was a time when I would have assumed that he was talking about Daryl when referring to wild animals, but I kind of think Daryl liked his somewhat structured recruiting partnership with Aaron, as it gave him untethered freedom with a place to call home when he needed it. But we all know Rick has trouble fitting in when he’s not top dog, and we’ve seen Sasha and Abraham come close to losing it in the past. And we still don’t quite know where Morgan’s head is at this point. Wild animals indeed.

We know that Season 6 will kick off with a massive horde of walkers making life hell for the Alexandrians, with some shifts in time messing with the narrative, which is also a slightly different approach than past seasons have delivered. And we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

The Walking Dead will return and attempt to domesticate its wild bunch this fall, starting on Sunday, October 11.

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