After seeing how big of a boost Breaking Bad gave Netflix during the final season’s giant hiatus, you’d think they would always aim to bring a series’ most recent season to audiences in the weeks preceding its new season. But it doesn’t always happen that way, which is the case with the first series in the spotlight this week. If that proves anything, it’s that I’m absolutely clueless on the legal side of streaming deals. (Sad trombones.) Now sit back on your motorcycle-shaped couch and catch up on shows both old and new, because streaming doesn’t give you Ebola.

”sons If you’re not watching Sons of Anarchy’s corpse-heavy final season, then I’m going to assume it’s because you missed a few of the final episodes in Season 6, as any other reason would be unjustified. Season 5 violently turned a few pages in the SAMCRO storybook that can never be turned back. It brought viewers into the lives of Jimmy Smits’ O.G. badass (and Gemma-wooer) Nero, Donal Logue’s vengeful maniac Lee Toric, Peter Weller’s dirty ex-cop Charles Barosky and also brought Walton Goggins’ fan favorite Venus Van Damme back into everyone’s lives for a pair of dark episodes. The shocks come fast and hard, and it's a wonder that something so dark and inherently depressing is so addictive.

All six seasons of Sons of Anarchy can be found on Netflix Instant, as well as Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

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