With the Olympics headed to London this summer, it would stand to reason that plenty of specials would come out documenting, or at least loosely pertaining to the big event. One of these inevitable projects was Twenty Twelve, a comedy series written and created for BBC 4. Now, to help those across the pond get our fix of British comedies and to also perhaps get us pumped up for the summer games, BBC America is bringing the series to the U.S. for a special showing.

The 13-episode comedy series has been created as if it is part of a documentary, with narrating done by the always expressive David Tennant, formerly of Doctor Who and Fright Night. In the show’s story arc, Tennant will be responsible for narrating an ensemble story about the Olympic’s Deliverance Commission, a team organizing and dealing with all of the minute issues involved in putting together an event as large as the Olympics. According to THR, Amelia Bullmore, Olivia Colman, Vincent Franklin, Jessica Hynes, Karl Theobald are all involved in the cast, with Hugh Bonneville in the starring role.

Since my only memorable experience with Hugh Bonneville is as the proper patriarch in BBC’s Downton Abbey, it is hard for me to foretell what Bonneville will be like as the competent head of a modern working team in the context of a comedy. Needless to say, I am looking forward to Twenty Twelve's debut on July 27. If anything, checking out the episodes will give me a Bonneville fix before Downton's Series 3 premieres next year.

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