My period of Intervention obsession already came and went. For two years, I emotionally invested in total strangers battling off their demons until I became too jaded to continue. I was done in by those damn updates at the end. Almost everyone relapses, and my bitter outlook even made me question the ones who didn't. Ohh, she's been sober for 90 days? Let's see if she makes it to a year…

According to Entertainment Weekly, A&E is moving forward with a new show from the minds behind intervention, this time dealing with my qualms head on. Relapse will follow former addicts as they fight to keep former rehab patients for falling back into their old habits. Five episodes have been ordered thus far, aiming towards a premiere in the spring. In each, the sober coach will follow a former addict for an entire week, teaching them to steer clear from risky behaviors.

All the addicts in Relapse are new, as producers have decided to stay way from anyone featured previously on Intervention. Good. I don't think I could take the strain of re-investing in someone I already rooted for once.

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