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Some potentially big news broke this morning when Jada Pinkett Smith visited the set of Live with Michael and Kelly. The actress appeared on the early morning series to promote Fox’s hit series Gotham, and during her tenure on the show, the actress revealed that she does not think that Fish Mooney will be back on the drama next year.

Kelly Ripa, being the extremely compelling morning host that she is, blatantly asked Jada Pinkett Smith if she will be back for Season 2, and the actress’ answer was not particularly hopeful.
I don’t think so, no. Yeah, I signed for a year, and you know, the year’s up. But, there are some great things coming ahead on Gotham, believe you me.

There are spoilers in the next few paragraphs if you aren’t caught up on Fox’s Gotham.

Of course, this may not be the biggest shock in the world. Fish Mooney started out as a mid-level crime boss with a hunger for power. She used her wiles to attempt to take on Carmine Falcone, and she ended up losing her club, getting her underling Liza killed, and ripping out her own eye. Season 1 has been pretty tough on Fish Mooney, and we would honestly be a little shocked if she were still a major villainous presence by the end of the show’s 22-episode run this spring. Jada Pinkett Smith notes she only signed a one-year contract, so not returning for Season 2 doesn't seem like it will be a very big deal for the actress.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s big reveal isn’t wholly surprising. She has hinted before that things would get tough for Fish—and they have. In addition, showrunner Bruno Heller has said that fans might see some major characters die, provided the deaths are justified in terms of plot. Obviously, Pinkett Smith was careful with her words when she mentioned she doesn’t think she will be on the show by next fall, but her fate is still undetermined. We could just as easily see her carted off to an insane asylum as we could see her actually killed off of the show. Really, it’s tough to tell where her storyline will wind up, even if we know now that she doesn’t plan to be in the picture this time next year. Luckily, there are plenty of other villains who could capably fill a big role.

On the bright side, we do know that Fox’s Gotham has already been picked up for Season 2, which means that while Pinkett Smith might not be back, a lot of our favorite characters will. In the meantime, catch Fish Mooney in action for at least a little longer when Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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