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When’s the last time HBO picked up a concept that truly sounded horrible? How many other networks can you honestly say that about? Just a couple days ago, I reported on one of the networks ordering six episodes of a game show where contestants are shot out of cannons if they miss trivia questions. I don’t even have to tell you that’s not HBO. They’re like the Tom Hanks of premium cable. Now and again, things don’t work, but it’s never through lack of foresight or effort. Keep that thought in mind as I bring you this next story.

According to Deadline, former Sopranos lead and star of the underrated Get Shorty James Gandolfini is headed back to HBO to topline an adaptation of the popular memoir Eating With The Enemy. Subtitled, How I Waged Peace With North Korea From My BBQ Shack In Hackensack, Bobby Egan’s factual commentary on his own crazy life follows himself as he randomly decided to befriend the diplomats at the North Korean embassy. Somehow, the relationship blossomed, he end up traveling back and forth to the Asian nation and the United States Government funneled messages through him when peaceful talks began breaking down.

Based on that description, I’m not sure if I want to read the book or watch the HBO program more. The still untitled show is very much in the development stage, but ordinarily, when HBO moves on something, the general public ends up watching it. I’m very confident that will be the case here.