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Jane Fonda Says The C-Word On Live TV

The Today Show is a live show and there is no tape delay. So if someone were to slip-up while on the air, it would be broadcast on the show without an edit and viewers on the East coast, sitting in front of their TVs, eating their cereal and watching the show are going to see it. Such was the case today when Jane Fonda, said the C-word this morning.

“The C-Word?,” you asked. Don’t make me type it out. Personally, the word doesn’t really offend me (few words do) but I don’t generally use it in conversation and I’ve never had a reason to use it here at Blend Television, so its probably best if we keep it that way. Fonda was referring to a portion of the show, The Vagina Monologues when she casually said the word. As “c---” is slang for vagina, I’ll buy that but seriously, who slips up and says that word on TV? The word was heard loud and clear for viewers on the East Coast but it was bleeped out later for the West Coast broadcast.

Meredith Viera later apologized on behalf of Fonda and the show. If you really need to see it, check out TMZ’s video below:

Kelly West
Kelly West

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