Jerry Bruckheimer Brings Marshal Law: Texas To TNT

TNT announced today that the network has greenlighted a new unscripted drama, and the series has a big name attached. Jeremy Bruckheimer is bringing the unscripted program, tentatively titled Marshal Law: Texas, to the network for a 2013 premiere. So far, TNT has agreed to six episodes of the show, and assuming those do well, we may hear more from the series.

Marshal Law: Texas is being produced in accordance with The U.S. Marshal Service. Marshal Law will follow the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders and Fugitive Task Force, which almost sounds like a made-up entity, but TNT says it is simply a cross section of marshals, county sheriffs, and the police living and working in the Houston, Texas area. The show will follow the task force as they get into extreme shenanigans hunting offenders, but will also show more mundane tasks, like serving warrants. The biggest bonus Marshal Law: Texas has is that its title can easily be tweaked to suit different occasions. So, if Marshal Law wanted to head to a different state in the future, it could easily be accomplished.

While TNT has been working to create more unscripted programming, including Cold Justice, about two females looking into cold cases, and Save our Business, a show which has a pretty self-explanatory title from the producers of Kitchen Nightmares, it’s no surprise the network would jump at the chance to create reality programming with Bruckheimer at the head. Bruckheimer isn’t the only producer attached to Marshal Law: Texas; Jonathan Nowzaradan and Jonathan Littman will also executive produce, and KristieAnne Reed will co-executive produce.

TV Blend will keep you posted when Marshal Law: Texas gets a premiere date.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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