Jimmy Fallon has been known for his oddball games and other unusual hijinks since he began his tenure as a late night host. Last night, he pulled out the handy suggestion box and a fan of the show asked Fallon if there was any possible way he could predict the outcome of Thursday’s NFL season opener between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. Hilariously, Jimmy Fallon did have an answer for the fan, introducing the fan to his secret weapon: Puppies.

The game involved bringing nine adorable puppies onstage to choose between two different bowls of delectable puppy food. Whichever bowl intrigued the most puppies would determine the ultimate outcome of the big season opener NFL game. If you are a habitual sports better, I wouldn’t exactly use this as an indicator of success, but the cute little puppies did immediately run in large quantities to the Broncos bowl. So, go Denver, I guess.


The move was a cute way to tie in football with late night TV, since the big game airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC, the same network that airs Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Luckily, if you are actually more excited about the football game than Fallon’s amusing late night sketches, they are plenty of reports on the open market discussing tonight’s big game, which should to basically serve as a rematch of last year’s big AFC playoff game that ended up sending the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Bleacher Report has a pretty solid synopsis of where the two teams are at leading into tonight’s game, as does the massive outlet USA Today, which is basically the Walmart Superstore of news outlets, covering everything.

If you don’t really care about tonight’s match-up and are just interested in seeing more from Jimmy Fallon and/or cute puppies, don’t fret, we have you covered. Here’s that awesome video featuring the man yodeling with Brad Pitt from a couple of months ago, and here’s his other “Evolution of Mom Dancing” video with Michelle Obama. And just because we promised you puppy videos, here’s a cute one of a little guy who just can’t get up.

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