Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Downton Abbey With Downton Sixby

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is known for its spoofs and guest appearances, but most of these are not eight-minute spoofs of popular British television shows. However, on Thursday night, Fallon’s strove to do just that, creating show-within-the-show Downton Sixbey, a parody of BBC’s Downton Abbey, which follows Fallon as the Earl of NBC’s studio 6B just trying to find the right Kardashian joke in an upstairs, downstairs world that includes cue card valets and butler writers.

In the spoof, Fallon must also deal with the curse of the ugly daughter, portrayed by Fred Armisen, and an American wife played by none other than Brooke Shields, who actually remarkably resembles Elizabeth McGovern in her period costume. Problems arise at Sixby when the new heir, none other than NBC’s Last Call host Carson Daly, gets into a horrible balloon accident, leaving Sixbey without an apparent successor. Who will take over Sixbey after Fallon’s tenure is finished? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Quite frankly, I’m generally more of a fan of Fallon’s musical sketches and, especially, his Neil Young impressions. However, “Downton Sixbey" is one of those rare moments when many of the jokes work and can be enjoyed even by those who have not been religiously tuning in to watch the riveting drama, which airs on PBS in the States. Although, if you do watch Downton Abbey, I will say the sketch is a must-see.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:35 p.m. ET.