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As a young child, it’s very difficult to earn things on your own. Before report cards and before soccer games, pretty much everything little kids receive is simply given to them. There’s no effort required, which is part of the reason why Halloween candy can be so treasured. Beyond its delicousness and its sugar-related properties, it’s something little kids actually do for themselves.

Over the past few years, beloved late night host Jimmy Kimmel has asked fans to tape themselves lying to their children and telling them they got hungry and ate all of the candy. Not surprisingly, the recorded fibs have produced quite a few over the top and hysterical reactions. This year was no different.

Kimmel put the above footage on his YouTube page yesterday and already it has been viewed more than seven million times. That figure should skyrocket in the next few days too as more and more amused parents share it.

It’s hard to pick a single favorite from this video, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I would most definitely go with the girl around the 2:30 mark who tells her mother it’s okay, despite being just moments away from sobbing. She looks so horrified and betrayed, but she still really wants to be a nice person about. If I ever have a daughter, I would love for her to be that decent and respectful.

There may be some out there who think pulling a little prank like this on your child is too jerk store for civilized society, but personally, I don’t have a big problem with it. Good parenting requires so much time, effort and energy that stealing the occasional laugh at your child’s expense seems totally warranted, at least provided you tell him or her it’s a joke in a timely and nice manner.

If you feel like watching some more of this same concept, I’ve gone ahead and embedded the Kimmel video from last year, as well. Enjoy all of its hilarity below and start plotting unusual pranks you could potentially pull on family members in the coming months.

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