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There are people who find a job they like and stick with it, staying in a certain position for years; then there are people who decide to move on to a new job just as soon as they have settled into the last. Nothing is inherently wrong with either tactic, the former is just consistent while the latter is somewhat erratic. NBC Sports’ Josh Elliott is apparently the latter, as news broke that he will soon be leaving NBC Sports.

Elliott hasn't left after just a couple of days, at least. He's actually had a two-year stint with the network. Prior to that, Elliott had been a co-anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America for years. When he moved to NBC, he anchored horse racing events and football, and the general consensus was that he would one day step up as a big player on The Today Show. The hope was he might even take over for Matt Lauer when the veteran eventually steps down. As nice as such a situation would have been for Elliott, he never actually found a major role at NBC Sports or with parent company NBC, and as such he has spent the bulk of his time at NBC criminally underutilized. THR now says he may make a move over to Fox Sports, where he should get a chance to play a bigger role in the proceedings, but that has not been confirmed.

Josh Elliott’s departure from the network seems noteworthy because it's unclear exactly why things went wrong. Why didn't NBC use him more? What did they think was going to happen? It's all one big weird mystery, and now it looks like he'll be quietly scooting off to Fox Sports, hopefully for a more defined position.

It sort of makes Josh Elliott’s fond farewell from Good Morning America seem somewhat humorous in hindsight:

Despite the fact that Elliott finds himself leaving NBC after only such a short tenure, the split between the two parties appears to be an amicable one. Elliott has spoken out with immense gratitude towards the network for giving him the opportunity to work there – despite it being such a short period of time. NBC similarly issued a statement regarding his departure, describing the decision to end their working relationship as “mutual.” Josh Elliott reportedly took a pay cut when he went over to NBC, so perhaps he began to regret that decision and started quietly re-negotiating.

We will bring you more information on the departure of Josh Elliott and what it means for the future of his careers as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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