Justin Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live last night, pulling double duty as the episode's host and musical guests. And judging by the squeals that could be heard during the applause, there were a few younger viewers audience. The same was probably the case for those tuning in last night in general. Sketch-wise, this wasn't SNL's best episode this season, but there were a few highlights worth checking out. And for those who love the Biebs, we have both musical performances for you to check out ahead.

I want to think that Bieber did the best what what he was given to work with and in that respect, as I said, it wasn't SNL's best episode. Bieber did subject himself to being mimicked and poked fun at a bit in the "body doubles" sketch, but NBC didn't release that video, unfortunately.

The cold open poked fun at the Super Bowl power outage, targeting the commentators who were tasked with finding things to talk about while the game was delayed. Things get tense.

And then for Bieber's opening monologue, he acknowledged the two of the things February's known for: Valentine's Day and Black History Month. Except his education on the latter needs a bit of work. And the monologue included a surprise appearance by Whoopi Goldberg.

Vanessa Bayer revived her Miley Cyrus character for a special "new" edition of The Miley Cyrus Show, because let's face it, when you have Justin Bieber on the show, you just need to bring Miley Cyrus back. Bieber played her biggest fan.

Justin Bieber left a sexy Valentine's Day message from him to you…

SNL imagined a lot of different Bravo reality shows and spinoffs with this one...

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