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In the months between seasons of American Horror Story, speculation over the central theme can often be overshadowed by predicting who from the show’s conveyor belt of actors will return, and how big their roles may be. Season 6, which got ordered up last November, is definitely bringing back Angela Bassett as its first cast member, and the actress had some insight on whether her Golden Globe-winning co-star Lady Gaga would come back for another round.
I hear, I think, perhaps that she’s out to return. She had a good time with us.

If Ryan Murphy is to be believed, Lady Gaga has had the offer to sign up for Season 6 for a while now, and if she’s still not giving any confirmations on involvement, it must be quite the humdinger for the Grammy winner to consider. It seems likely that whatever little birds Angela Bassett is hearing things from would be pretty knowledgeable on how likely it would be for the pop star to return for a second dance. Bassett and Lady Gaga hit it off pretty well, and thankfully so, considering they played former lovers. Though nothing is definite, my optimism will live vicariously through Bassett’s.

Of all the cast members that have appeared on American Horror Story in the past, Lady Gaga is probably the one whose return for a successive season isn’t an automatic assumption. Acting isn’t exactly her first passion, and her music career would presumably come first as far as any of her future decisions are concerned. Plus, she filled a leading lady role that was vacated by longtime star Jessica Lange, which presented fewer expectations about her remaining a cast member from one season to the next. But I imagine winning a Golden Globe for her performance does a good job of swinging the needle.

It’s unclear just what Season 6 will even be about, with rumors of a Slender Man theme getting quickly refuted. Bassett offered up a few vague details to EW about her character imbibing “a little bit too much,” and that perhaps Sarah Paulson would return as the “boss” of her character. No room for Lady Gaga in that scenario, but even if she wouldn’t return to the show in a major capacity, there’s nothing to say she couldn’t still come back for a few episodes.

So while the finale for American Horror Story: Hotel might have been our last time seeing Lady Gaga bringing to life one of Ryan Murphy’s twisted stories, we’re placing our bets on catching up with her again next season. No release date (or anything else) has been set just yet, but expect to find American Horror Story Season 6 hitting FX in October.
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