Last Resort And 666 Park Avenue Final Episodes Will Be Set Up As Series Finales

The downside to a series' cancellation from a viewer's perspective is not only the disappointment of knowing the series you hoped would be around for a while was being axed, but also oftentimes the dissatisfaction in being left with a lot of unanswered questions. It's like reading a few chapters of a book you're enjoying only to discover you don't have the rest of it and will never know how it ends. Fortunately for ABC's recently cancelled 666 Park Avenue and The Last Resort, viewers will get some sense of closure from both series before they're gone for good.

Word spread last week that ABC was calling it quits on 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, two of their new dramas this season. At that time, it was reported that both series would finish their 13-episode runs, so while ABC has decided not to order more episodes of either show, they haven't pulled the plug entirely. It's a technicality that might not lift the spirits of fans of the series, but at the very least, will give them some closure, especially as it sounds like both shows' final episodes will be tweaked to turn them into series finales.

TVLine says that both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will adjust their final episodes to offer a bit of closure. Last Resort creator Shawn Ryan confirmed that the series' last episode will serve as a "full-fledged series finale." TVLine also says 666 executive producers hint that questions will be answered in the "powerful and surprising series finale."

I often find it difficult to stick with a series once I know it's been cancelled, but with the promise of a conclusion, it sounds like Last Resort will be well worth sticking with to its unfortunate end before we add the series to the "Gone Too Soon" list. I'm sure 666 Park Avenue fans feel the same way. Given the mysterious happenings of the supernaturally charged building. While viewers understandably disappointed that both shows are ending, a planned conclusion is better than a cliffhanger left unresolved. Optimism.

666 Park Avenue airs Episode 8 this Sunday night, while Last Resort's eighth episode is scheduled for November 29.

Kelly West
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