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If anyone out there was outwardly hoping that former Daily Show correspondent and guest host John Oliver would head back to Comedy Central to take over when Jon Stewart leaves, we have bad news for you, although it’s still technically good news if you’re a fan of Oliver in the first place. HBO has announced they’re keeping the English satirist close to home by renewing Last Week Tonight for not just a third season, but a fourth one also. There is justice in the world.

This extended order comes just over a week after Last Week Tonight debuted Season 2 on the premium cable network. And surprise, surprise, the two episodes that have aired this year have birthed massive viral video successes. Like Season 2, both Season 3 and Season 4 will be made up of a whopping 35 episodes, which means the world had better get its act together by the time next winter rolls around.

Beyond all of the vocal praise from fans and outlets, Last Week Tonight capitalized on an engaging and sometimes enraging first season by taking the Writer’s Guild Award for Comedy/Variety Series at the award ceremony this past weekend. That’s no shock, given how pitch-perfect the sarcasm-laden writing is. Next stop, the Emmys.

In its first season, Last Week Tonight took on topics such as the Washington Redskins name controversy, Hobby Lobby’s court problems, Ferguson, the Supreme Court, student debt, and the salmon cannon. You might recall when Oliver discussed net neutrality, his segment led to crashes on the FCC website, due to thousands and thousands of people getting on to complain.

Similarly, Season 2 has already made headlines around the world. Last week, Oliver focused on the controversial viewpoints of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, and soon found himself at the receiving end of a Twitter bashing from Correa. On Sunday night, Oliver railed against tobacco giant Philip Morris by chastising their international policies, and introduced the anti-smoking cowboy hat-wearing mascot Jeff the Diseased Lung, which started up a #JeffWeCan campaign on social media. Check out the hilarious segment below.

Curb your fury for the ways of the world and watch Last Week Tonight every Sunday night on HBO at 11 p.m. ET, or else be completely bamboozled by what everyone is talking about the next day.

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