Jim Lehrer has taken some heat for his mild-mannered moderating techniques at this week's Presidential Debate. Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the situation this week with a sketch that had "Mitt Romney" and "Obama" putting Lehrer in his place during the debate. Check it out ahead!

If you caught the debate, you may have seen former PBS NewsHour anchor being talked over and ignored as he attempted to keep things on topic and running on time. Jimmy Fallon had some fun with the situation with a sketch for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which features his versions of Romney and Obama telling Lehrer to "shut the f--- up."

"If you'd just shut up in the first place, there wouldn't be all this talk of feet in your ass."

It starts with Romney - who was the more aggressive of the two debaters at the actual debate - pushing back on the moderator, and then eventually Obama gets in on the action. Romney and Obama team up against him and before long, Lehrer's being told to "shut the f--- up." And he doesn't, which only makes his situation worse (or funnier, depending on your perspective!)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:35/11:35c on NBC.

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