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Each of the recently released teasers for Noah Hawley's Fargo series seems to offer some nod to the Coen Brothers' film on which this FX drama is loosely based. At face value -- somewhat literally -- I'm not sure the latest teaser does, unless anyone can link the sight o Martin Freeman atop a rumbling washer with some scene from the 1996 film. With that said, the mounting tension within the teaser and the sight of a man who seems on the verge of unraveling does sort of throw a general nod at the film, if we consider Jerry Lundegaard's self-inflicted conflict and how it affects him throughout the movie.

Connections to the source material aside, let's take a closer look at the teaser. Why is Martin Freeman's Lester Nygaard sitting on that washer? Is he cleaning up some evidence? Judging by the state of his broken (or recently repaired nose) and the hammer on the machine next to him, I'm going to guess that this video teases the man's recent troubles and the growing level of stress he's under because of them. Maybe sitting on the washing machine (or dryer.)relaxes him. By the increasingly loud sound of the rumbling, I'd say he seems to be getting more stressed out as the seconds tick by, and then the last shot of his face seems to be actual panic. And there's almost a screaming sound at the very end... or was that in my head?

Fargo is set up as a 10-episode limited series in which Martin Freeman stars as a guy whose life is drastically changed by the arrival of a mysterious man to his snowy town. Billy Bob Thornton plays Lorne Malvo, and we know Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are on board to play FBI agents who are determined to track him down.

The above teaser follows a series of great teasers, including this one, titled "Fishermen."

And the "Enchanted Highway" one, which also happens to deal with body disposal:

And here's the one with Billy Bob Thornton...

Finally, there's "Roadside":

With FX ready to air the series on April 15, and the fact that they just released a teaser featuring the lead character, hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to see a full trailer.

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