Leonardo Da Vinci Shreds His Wings And Falls On Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 Poster

Da Vincis

Tom Riley's Leonardo Da Vinci plummets to the ground on the new poster for Da Vinci's Demons. The second season of the historical fantasy will use the story of Icarus as a metaphor for the lead character's journey. Da Vinci aspires to reach new heights, however it looks like the new key art has him in a free fall.

In addition to the above poster, Starz released a live-action teaser that uses the similar concept and plays out like a storm that sees Da Vinci's wings shredding apart as he drops through the clouds...

It's an unnerving sight, and a stark contrast to the confident Da Vinci we saw on the cover of the series' Season 1 poster:

Season 1

The second season will have Florence thrown into chaos in the wake of the Pazzi conspiracy as Leonardo attempts to defend the city against the forces of Rome, pushing his mind and body to the limits in the process...

When the dust settles, friends are buried and rivalries enflamed. While the Medicis go to unthinkable lengths to deal with new threats, da Vinci continues on his quest to find the fabled Book of Leaves and uncover the secret history of his mother. He'll come to realize that he has lethal competition in his quest -- new enemies who may be even worse than the forces of Pope Sixtus. His search will take him to faraway lands and force him to reevaluate everything he knew about the world and his own history.

The mention of faraway lands and what Da Vinci will need to reevaluate about what he knows about the world may factor into what the cast and crew talk about in the video below in terms of the scope of the series from Season 1 to 2 and how much "bigger" Season 2 will be. Check it out...

And you can check out the previously released trailer for Season 2 here:

Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 premieres Saturday, March 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz.

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