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Have you looked in the mirror lately to check and see if you’re too old for this shit? Well, your television wants you to know that whether you did or you didn’t, you’re definitely not too old to watch a small screen resurrection of the action film franchise Lethal Weapon. Fox has reportedly decided the previously ordered pilot was moving in such a good direction that an entire season would only make things better, and we can probably expect Lethal Weapon to be an explosive part of our fall TV schedule.

It isn’t clear how many episodes of Lethal Weapon we’ll get to see, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a limited initial order is expanded once audience response comes in, since that’s how networks are doing it these days. There’s a pretty big built-in viewership for this project, assuming it doesn’t completely destroy everything that made the films so enjoyable. And having anyone else besides Mel Gibson and Danny Glover leading it is teetering on destructive, but I’ll hold off judgment until footage surfaces.

Lethal Weapon will be based on the films, but with a couple of changes to set things apart. The presumably batty Martin Riggs (played by Rectify star Clayne Crawford) is a former Navy SEAL and Texas cop who makes the location change to L.A. after his wife and child are killed, hoping to open a new chapter in his life. As you might have imagined, that’s when he gets paired with the seasoned detective Roger Murtaugh (In Living Color’s Damon Wayans Sr.), whose recently heart attack has forced him to try and avoid any stressful situations in his life. But Riggs is unfamiliar with any circumstance that doesn’t make one’s blood pressure skyrocket.

Former Forever head Matt Miller will be the showrunner on Lethal Weapon, and he also wrote the pilot. Behind the camera will be director McG, who will also be executive producing with Miller, Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz.

According to THR, Lethal Weapon was one of several new shows ordered by Fox. We’ll also be seeing another TV remake in The Exorcist, as well as the women-in-baseball drama Pitch, the Justin Kirk-led drama APB, the time-travel comedy Making History and the Kaitlin Olson-starring comedy The Mick. Those go with the previously ordered series 24: Legacy and Lee Daniels’ Star.

Fox has had a mixed-bag go of bringing older properties to TV audiences in the past year. While the return of The X-Files for its limited run was pretty enjoyable, if too short to be a bona fide success, the sequelization of Minority Report wasn’t as well received. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on The 70s Show to get a reunion of some kind.

Stay tuned for more news on Lethal Weapon, and you can find everything that’s premiering in the coming months in our TV premiere schedule.

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