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Leverage's Christian Kane To Appear In TNT's King & Maxwell

TNT is dangerously close to airing King & Maxwell, a brand new series starring Rebecca Romijn as Michelle Maxwell and Jon Tenney as Sean King. The new series will hit the schedule on June 10 and on Thursday, it was announced that Leverage’s Christian Kane will appear in the new drama as Maxwell’s brother.

King & Maxwell went into development at TNT over a year ago and with a premise based on a set of bestselling David Balducci novels and two strong names signed on to star, it’s not a huge surprise TNT would move forward with the series. The show follows two private investigators with a background in Secret Service work, as well as law degrees and Olympic-level athleticism to back them. The two use their unconventional skill sets and methods to solve cases.

Kane first announced the news via Twitter, and TV Line confirmed the actor and country singer will first show up in episode 6 of the new series. His character will also have a background in law enforcement. He’s an ex-cop and he’s described as “smart” and “unconventional,” but he's also a man who still needs help from time to time, enlisting the services of King and Maxwell within the episode.

TNT’s King & Maxwell hits the schedule on June 10 at 10 p.m. ET. Additionally, Jerry O’Connell and Catherine Bell are also signed on to the series, the former as a guest star and the latter in a multi-episode arc.

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