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Listen To Patti Smith's Weird And Somber Goodbye Song To Aqua Teen Hunger Force

This weekend marks the end of one of TV’s strangest series, as Aqua Teen Hunger Force will air its final episode, called “The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time)(We…Mean It),” and exit our lives with all the grace of a frickin’ giant robotic rabbit. To celebrate/mourn the end of this era, the show brought in punk poet laureate Patti Smith for a requiem that is possibly the most moving song to ever contain the word “meatwad” in it. Pull out a tissue (but don’t get it from Carl), and give this a listen.

Has a piano ever been used for something more important than this? I mean, there’s the nude organist from Monty Python’s Flying Circus but that’s not really the same thing. I’m not sure who I’d think would be the “best” musician to lead fans in saying goodbye to one of the shows that turned Adult Swim from a late night offshoot into must-watch animation, but I don’t think Patti Smith would have come to mind, because it’s such an odd choice. I might have thought MC Pee Pants would have done it.

That said, it was a brilliant decision. Smith is a genius with the written word, and it’s not like this song needed to be super frickin’ deep in order to be effective. I’m not quite sure why she says “13 seasons” when the show was only around for 11 seasons, but maybe the Kristen Stewart fan is counting those first two extended seasons as separate, or maybe the movie counts as its own season. Or maybe…Maybe I’ll just listen to the song again. I’m getting all the meat-feels.

This final season is being dubbed Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, and it’s the fourth name change the series has gone through over the years. Having premiered in June, Season 11 is obviously a shortened one, which may have something to do with the fact that Adult Swim president Mike Lazzo reportedly canceled the series in the middle of the season’s production without directly telling the creators. Not awkward in the least.

Even though we’ll be saying goodbye to Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock, we’ve still got Smith in our lives for years to come, and she’s just as busy as can be. She’s setting up a tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her first album, Horses, and October will see the release of M Train, her highly anticipated second memoir and follow-up to the acclaimed Just Kids. Hopefully she does some live performances of the Aqua Teen song.

The final episode ever of Aqua Teen Hunger Force – at least until it gets rebooted in a decade – will air on Adult Swim on Sunday, August 23.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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