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Slowly but surely, the cast of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' has been resurfacing on the small screen. First it was Jennie Garth in 'What I Like About You'... then Tori Spelling reared her bleach-blonde head in 'Notorious' and most recently, Jason Priestly in the new show 'Love Monkey'. Well look out West Beverly Alumni, ‘cause Dylan’s back! The notoriously side-burned Luke Perry is returning to the small screen in the new show, 'Windfall'.

Set to premiere on Thursday, June 8th on NBC, 'Windfall' is about a group of friends who pool their money to play the lotto and guess what? They win.

But thats not all! (of course thats not all, the show would only be one episode long if it were)... The group consists of a fairly wide variety of characters, each with their own story. Perry plays Peter, the “laidback” guy. I wish I could give you more information other than that but that’s all the Windfall’s website is willing to reveal. I suspect he will be the character who attempts to disallow the money to change who he is (this never works).

Windfall also stars Sarah Wynter, its doubtful you'll recognize the name but the Australian born actress was featured in seasons 2 and 3 of '24' as Jack Bauer's girlfriend du' jour.... or is it du' jours since technically she was around for more than one day... anyway, she's in the show and will hopefully be a bit more necessary than she proved to be in '24'.

'Windfall' looks like it'll be a rags to riches type of story with lots of drama. In a nutshell, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and then allow it to create all sorts of drama in your life.