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MTV has had some success getting into the game show market and, with Silent Library’s cancellation in November, there is plenty of space on MTV and its sister networks for some new game show fodder. While I will personally miss being occasionally wowed with the abilities of groups of people willing to remain silent while their buddies are forced through ridiculous stunts, MTV2’s newest game show venture sounds as if it has potential.

MTV2 has picked up Hip Hop Squares, a program based on legendary game show Hollywood Squares. Just like the iconic show it is based on Hip Hop Squares will feature an “X” and “O” contestant format updated for the modern age. True to Hollywood Squares style, celebrities will be rampant on the show and are expected to include Bam Margera, Nick Cannon, Kat Graham, and a multitude of people involved in the hip hop world, like Ghostface Killah, Mac Miller, and Biz Markie. Apparently some football players are also invested in the show that head of MTV programming Paul Ricci is calling, “Much more 'party' than 'game show,'" including NFL player LaMarr Woodley. Radio personality Peter Rosenberg is set to host.

The show is set to premiere on MTV2 on May 22. MTV has more information over at its site. However, my real question is one about content. While I realize Hip Hop Squares is keeping the same celebrity answers a question and the contestant must agree or disagree format, it seems as if the focus of all of the questions will all be based on the hip hop world. That focus is pretty narrow and also a lot of that information should be fairly specific, and I’m worried about how that will work out if the show stays on air for a long tenure.

I guess we will see when Hip Hop Squares premieres May 22 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV 2.

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