As if it wasn’t exciting enough that Arrested Development is finally returning to television as promised, we now get to speculate on what a Mad Men star might be up to when he shows up for a multi-episode arc. The new 10-episode season that is getting underway for Netflix will feature a guest appearance from Roger Sterling himself, John Slattery, in a role that’s anyone’s guess.

While TVLine reports that John Slattery has joined the cast and will appear in more than one episode of the season, his role on the show is being kept under wraps. Add it to the long list of questions fans of the show are looking to have answered when it finally comes back from the dead.

So far what we know about the resurrection of Arrested Development is that there will be a few new characters introduced along with the original cast. Hopefully we will see the series much the way it was left when Fox cancelled it, and get the chance to catch up with what might be new in the world of the Bluth family. Where John Slattery’s character fits into their world, we will all have to wait and see. No information on any of the anticipated new faces is being released, leaving us to come up with our own theories. Fortunately, once the show does return, there won’t be a wait between weekly episodes. Netflix plans to release all 10 episodes of the fourth season at the same time. So you can get your answers just as quickly as you can watch them.

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