Martin Sheen Heads To FX's Anger Management As Charlie's Father

If one Sheen isn't enough to get you to tune into FX's Thursday night comedy series Anger Management, perhaps two will do the trick. Actor Martin Sheen, well known for his film roles as well as being father to Anger Management star Charlie Sheen, is set to appear in an upcoming episode of the series next month, and from the sound of it, should the show stick around we'll be seeing much more of him down the line.

Anger Management is currently amidst its first season at FX, with a ten episode order in play and the possibility for much more on the horizon, should FX decide to move forward with the comedy. According to the Huffington Post, should FX give Anger Management the 90-episode renewal it's poised to receive, Martin Sheen will be brought on board as a recurring cast member. As it stands now, The West Wing star is set to appear in the August 16 episode of the series, fittingly playing the role of Charlie's father.

FX president John Landgraf is quoted as saying he thinks bringing Martin Sheen on "will give an extra dimension and make it a multi-generational family show." I'll admit, there is something to the idea of seeing Martin and Charlie playing father and son together. It also inspires some random flashbacks of the feature Men at Work, which had Charlie starring alongside his brother Emilio Estevez as two garbage men, though I don't think they were technically playing brothers in that movie. Regardless, the family element was there! Not only would Sheen's planned involvement in Anger Management be a win for the series as there's likely no one better to play Charlie's father, especially given the obvious resemblance, but let's not forget, it's Martin Sheen. He'd be a great addition to just about any show.

Whether or not Anger Management is renewed beyond its initial ten-episode run remains to be officially announced. In the meantime, we'll get to see Martin play Charlie's father on Thursday, August 16 (9:30 p.m.). Check out some photos from the episode below. He looks pretty comfortable in that chair in the first photo...

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