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While tonight’s episode of Glee focuses on sectionals and the return of a certain trouty-mouthed singer, worlds will collide in a bizarre way next week when the series’ celebrates Christmas in “Extraordinary Merry Christmas.” To give you a hint... things get Chewy.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Morrison recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and among the topics of discussion was the upcoming Christmas episode of Glee, which is set to air next Tuesday (December 13th). From what Morrison says, the episode will be a throwback to the Star Wars Holiday Special and the Judy Garland Christmas special. And Chewbacca himself will be appearing in the episode...

I’d probably consider myself at least slightly more of a geek for Star Wars than I am a geek for Glee, and while I’m normally an advocate for seeing two geeky things collide, this just sounds weird. I’ll reserve judgment though, until I see Chewy in action on Glee next week.