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Melissa McCarthy has been a hot commodity in television news over the past few months. Post Bridesmaids the mom, actress, and writer has continued her gig on CBS’ Mike & Molly, she hosted a popular episode of Saturday Night Live, and, along with a little help from husband Ben Falcone, she sold a comedy about a forty year-old woman hitting a midlife crisis to CBS. Now, McCarthy is teaming up with her husband to put together a second comedy. Take that, Shonda Rhimes.

The new comedy, written by Falcone and produced by McCarthy, will follow the life of 37 year-old David Gell who is still living at home with his parents. Like the first pilot McCarthy sold, Deadline is reporting the new project has been nabbed by CBS with the opportunity to be picked up in the network's next cycle of new programming. Warner Bros. Television is also behind the project.

There’s little information other than the “man in the basement” type of theme currently listed about McCarthy and Falcone’s project. It will be interesting to see how they create the character of a dude still living at his parents house. We’ve seen similar themes on the big screen in Wedding Crashers and in a different way in movies like Grandma’s Boy. However, it is really tough to write a likeable or interesting character who is also a bum still living at home as he nears middle age. I guess that’s the beauty of having more than one pilot up for option – if one doesn’t totally flesh out, there is always the other one.