Memphis Beat's DJ Qualls Heads Back To TNT To Guest Star On Perception

Memphis Beat's DJ Qualls is headed back to TNT, at least for an episode. The actor has been signed to play a guest starring role on TNT's drama Perception. He'll be helping Pierce crack a case involving an online social game that somehow becomes the center of a murder investigation.

These days Qualls has been making us laugh with his role as the wheelchair-bound Billy in Jim Jefferies' new FX comedy Legit, but previous roles on the small screen have proven he knows how to handle drama. Among his recent credits was a supporting role in the Jason Lee-starring Memphis Beat and a recurring role on Supernatural. And now TNT confirms that he'll be guest starring as Rudy Fleckner in Perception. HIs character is described as a young, tech-savvy FBI agent who specializes in investigating cyber crimes. An online social game called Caleidoscope ends up tying into one of Daniel Pierce's murder investigations, which leads Eric McCormack's character to look to Fleckner for help.

By digging into a suspect's online account Fleckner hopes to bring forth evidence that sheds light on a case in which the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred.

Sounds interesting. And Qualls is a great choice for a guest-starring role. In addition to his recent small screen roles, the actor's feature credits go back more than a decade, with starring roles in comedies like Road Trip, Big Trouble and The New Guy. These days, as mentioned, he can be found on FX's Legit, but apparently his obligations to the comedy aren't preventing him from dabbling in guest starring roles, which is a good thing for those of us who appreciate his talent.

Kelly West
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