Besides maybe Eric Stoltz, try and find someone who doesn't like Michael J. Fox. From his beginnings on Family Ties to his most recent, and Emmy nominated, work on The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Fox has been winning over audiences more than thirty years. The actor also has many beloved feature films under his belt-- he is the Teen Wolf after all, and it's probably a stretch to say that anything on television can compare to his time as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Trilogy.

But just the fact that his roles on the small screen--Alex P. Keaton (FT) and Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty on Spin City--can even compete is saying something and, to our benefit, it looks like the actor intends on returning full-time. To paraphrase L.L. Cool J, don't call it a come-back cause Fox has been here for years. Sporadic guest spots on a few shows are hardly the same thing as leading a series but, according to Vulture, that's exactly what the Golden Globe and Emmy winning actor intends to do at one of the four major broadcast networks. That's right, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox are all pushing and/or shoving to get to the front of the line with an apparent "bidding war" breaking out over the pitch.

The overwhelming and unanimous interest in the program in by no means surprising, but has all but guaranteed a pilot production commitment, with the article noting that one network has even offered the rare straight-to-series deal. Details are slim, especially concerning the plot inspired by Fox's real life, but the actor has teamed with Easy A director Will Gluck and Cougar Town writer Sam Laybourne for Sony TV on what will be a single-camera comedy looking to air in 2013. Fox has history with almost all four of the networks so it's might just be a matter of the best deal or with whom he has the best history. CBS wouldn't surprise me.

Oh. For those who don't get the Eric Stoltz reference, watch this short instructional video.

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