@Midnight will be back for Season 2! Comedy Central has officially given the late night comedy game show a second season, extending the series through 2015. Chris Hardwick appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and announced the news. Watch the video below, which also includes some banter about Comic-Con...

Per Variety, Comedy Central's Season 2 order of @Midnight consists of a 40-week season that will run through 2015.

Produced by Chris Hardwick, the game show stars Chris Hardwick as host, as three people -- often stand-up comedians -- face off against one another in a barely-competition to be witty, snarky and funny in response to whatever's currently trending on the internet. That can range from viral videos to ridiculous headlines or trending Tweets and photos, to anything else that's buzzing away online. Much in the way Whose Line Is It Anyway awards somewhat insignificant points to its participants, @Midnight is also set up as a competition that's barely a competition. Points are awarded by Hardwick for cleverness and humor, but it's less about the points as it is about the laughs.

@Midnight engages viewers on episode nights with "Hashtag Wars," which has the show choosing a hashtag and challenging fans to come up with funny tweets that fit the category. To use a recent example:

Responses to that included:


This isn't the first time Comedy Central has renewed @Midnight. Last fall, the basic cable channel picked the series up for more episodes, ensuring that we'd see more of Chris Hardwick's show this year. It's great to see they're already looking forward to 2015 and ensuring that the topical series sticks around.

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