Modern Family Season 4, Episodes 2 And 3: Snip And Schooled

The Presidential Debate took place last night, which meant we went without a new episode of Modern Family, but the Emmy winning ABC comedy series will be back next Wednesday night with two new episodes, and based on the promo and photos for one of them, Gloria is just bursting with joy and anticipation.

Modern Family began its fourth season last week with "Bringing Up Baby," an episode that served two purposes, the first of which was to allow us to see Gloria finally reveal to Jay that she's pregnant, and the second of which was to jump forward a few months or so to take us to a later stage in Gloria's pregnancy. Does this mean we should expect a big birth episode this season? That may be thinking a bit far ahead. The promo for next Wednesday's "Snip" reveals that Gloria may be in denial about her wardrobe situation.

And this photo further supports the issue…

Based on the episode description for "Snip," it also looks like Phil and Claire have decided they will not be having any more children.

MODERN FAMILY - "Snip" - Phil and Claire have a five-year plan, and that's to vacation and enjoy life once Luke leaves for college. In order to keep all that on track, Phil is going in for a vasectomy. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria disagree about whether or not to find out the sex of the baby; Gloria is in denial about needing maternity clothes; and now that Lily's in kindergarten, Mitchell tries to gently steer Cameron towards a part-time job to occupy all his extra time, on Modern Family, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/PETER "HOPPER" STONE) SOFIA VERGARA

There are two episodes scheduled to air next Wednesday night and before "Snip," there's "Schooled," the episode that will see Haley going off to college. Apparently something happens that embarrasses Haley. Here's the episode description for "Schooled."

MODERN FAMILY - "Schooled" - The day has arrived for Phil and Claire to drop Haley off at college, which is a difficult moment for any parent, but it's made worse when they manage to really embarrass Haley. Meanwhile, Manny forces Jay and Gloria to take a baby class... they humor him and go, but end up being a bit of a disruption; and Mitch and Cam drop Lily off for the first day of kindergarten, but when she gets into a tussle with another little boy, they end up having a meeting with the boy's confrontational lesbian parents, on Modern Family, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

And while we're left to guess what Phil and/or Claire do to embarrass Haley, here's a look at Jay and Gloria in Baby Class.

Photo Credit: ©ABC

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