Kevin Feige Live-Tweeted Black Widow, And Dropped Some Cool Behind-The-Scenes Stories

Yelena in Nat's fighting pose

Spoilers ahead for Black Widow.

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Following some acclaimed TV series on Disney+, The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally returned to movie theaters with Black Widow. And now that Cate Shortland's blockbuster has been out for a few weeks, the cast and crew can finally open up about its contents. That includes Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige himself, who recently live-tweeted the Scarlett Johansson blockbuster and shared insider information about its production.

Kevin Feige is the architect behind the MCU as a whole, helping to give each project connective tissue to the previous ones, while also setting up the future of the franchise. Black Widow is a unique movie as it offers closure for Natasha, while also revealing more about her mysterious past. Feige opened up about various aspects of the movie's production, even addressing Yelena's infamous green vest. As he explained,

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Well, there you have it. It seems the ongoing gag with the vest for Black Widow was a constant reminder of the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Scarlett Johansson's appearance in that blockbuster was a unique one, especially her blonde hair and said vest. And every time that piece of costuming was used in Black Widow, it reminded audiences of Thanos' assault on Earth-- plus Nat's ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.

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Kevin Feige's tweet was spot on, because Marvel fans noticed the vest as soon as Black Widow trailers began to drop online. Fans immediately began wondering about this mysterious connection to Avengers: Infinity War, with some curious if Florence Pugh's Yelena was going to die throughout the movie's runtime. But now that the movie is out, fans want to know whether or not Natasha's sister was turned to dust as a result of Thanos' infamous snap. Feige addressed that question, saying:

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Sorry fans, but it looks like that lingering question about Florence Pugh's Black Widow character will remain for the time being. While Kevin Feige knows whether or not Yelena was snapped out of existence after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the fandom will have to wait before being privy to that information. But the question will continue to be asked by the moviegoing public, who are eager to know how Yelena's fate might have factored into Nat's decision to sacrifice herself in Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel fans fell in love with Florence Pugh's Yelena throughout the course of Black Widow, but she wasn't the only newcomer joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in that recent blockbuster. Rachel Weisz and David Harbour also appeared as the parental figures of their chosen family. And it turns out that one of the sweetest moments between Alexi and Yelena actually came from Harbour's brain. As Kevin Feige revealed,

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It's that attention to detail and commitment to acting that made David Harbour a fan favorite once Stranger Things debuted on Netflix. Moviegoers seem to have really responded to Nat's entire family unit, and it should be interesting to see where they end up popping back up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the post-credits scene for Black Widow definitely seems to hint at big things for Yelena specifically.

In his live-tweet, Kevin Feige shared what it was like working on Black Widow's most impressive scenes. He also explained some speed bump that came along the way, like uncooperative weather. The movie's final action sequence takes place in the air, with Nat free falling and battling Taskmaster as the Red Room explodes all around them. While clearly the sequence utilized visual effects, Feige also explained that some sky diving did happen in order to nail the visuals.

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Pretty cool stuff. Clearly there are a ton of moving pieces that come together when each new installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is released. Black Widow had a unique pressure because Cate Shortland's blockbuster was meant to give closure to the fans regarding Natasha's backstory and death in Avengers: Endgame. Luckily, it seems that audiences have really responded to the project, in particular the trio of newcomers.

With Black Widow now in the rear view, Marvel fans should buckle up because three new movies are going to hit theaters in fairly quick succession. Since so many movies were delayed, the schedule is going to be dizzying. But considering how long we waited for Phase Four to kick off, smart money says the fans won't be complaining.

Black Widow is currently available in theaters and on Disney+ for an additional charge. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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