Fear The Walking Dead Has Us Questioning A New Character's Motives In Exclusive Clip

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Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet caught up with Fear the Walking Dead Season 5.

I believe everyone would agree that last week's Fear the Walking Dead episode was far more fun than an actual trip to an abandoned roadside attraction, with Austin Amelio's Dwight showing up for some cowboy delights. However, the episode's most baffling moment came in the end, when it was revealed the trio of younger characters – Max, Annie and Dylan – were responsible for all those gory walker roadblocks Morgan & Co. kept coming across. But are they really a villainous threat for the core survivors?

In the exclusive Fear the Walking Dead clip below, Cooper Dodson's Dylan has a chat with Danay Garcia's Luciana that has me thinking the show has more protagonist-ish goals in mind for the new characters. (Or at least for Dylan.) Check it out!

As seen in the clip, Dylan is talking to Luciana about her very favorite book in the world, The Little Prince, which last played an important role in getting Charlie from a dastardly Nick-murderer to a trusted member of the group. (Even in Alicia's eyes.) Dylan isn't exactly used to the concept of entertainment, so The Little Prince's comparable narrative is something that may very well speak to his evolving sense of humanity.

It's not a giant, explosive moment in the episode, but if The Little Prince lights a fire within Dylan that counters what Max and Annie have taught him, then that could cause some major strife. Not that I'd think the teens would be able to outthink June, John and the rest, though they've already temporarily outsmarted them with all the walker obstacles. Still, Max and Annie may need to strike hard if Dylan gets hesitant about returning to their lifestyle after seeing how Lucy and the others live. (With electrical tape flowing like lava, I assume.)

Of course, I'm clearly taking everything right at face value here as far as The Little Prince's appearance goes. I can't vouch for how well of a bullshitter lil' Dylan is, although he's currently in the act of lying to everyone about what happened, so that's as good a sign as any.

I also can't vouch for Lucy's own skills to suss out someone else's nonsense, so she might be leaning too hard into the mindset that she's positively influencing Dylan. Which would be the perfect time for Dylan or the others to take advantage. He better not lose her book, though.

At this point, we still don't really know anything about these kids, or where they come from, or who they've had connections with in the past. They know things that the main group doesn't, and they're not easily willing to let go of such info. Annie is seemingly more confident than Max, though not so confident that she comes across as a too-far-gone loon. So while I wouldn't automatically think that they're truly evil children, I wouldn't invite them over for playdates with my children, even in the post-apocalypse.

One assumes that these kids will need some intelligent guidance in the near future, considering there are irradiated walkers roaming around out there. Could they already be doomed by radiation poisoning?

We've got more questions, too. Will the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead answer any questions about Al's disappearance? Will we get to see any other clues connected to the group that took Rick and Jadis from The Walking Dead? What's up with Strand? Are we ever going to learn more about Matt Frewer's Logan?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, so be sure to check it out to see what happens next.

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