This Week In Trailers: Midway, Little Monsters, And TIFF Favorites

Nick Jonas in Midway

Another week has gone by, and with it another handful of trailers that have made their way onto the internet. Marketing is a major aspect of film production, and often dictates how much money each respective release will make in theaters. Cinephiles need to get psyched, in order to motivate them to shell out money and head to the theaters.

The Toronto Film Festival took place the past two weeks, and plenty of movies have debuted there in hopes of drumming up initial critical success and anticipation-- hopefully bringing them Awards Season attention as well. And while not every moviegoer could attend the Fest, some of the movies have released full trailers online, serving as a consolation prize of sorts. Here are all the trailers you might have missed this week.


Famous wars and battles have always proven to be great fodder for movies, able to captivate audiences in a visceral way. We've seen this in projects ranging from Dunkirk to Pearl Harbor, although the latest addition to the genre is Roland Emmerich's Midway. The White House Down director's upcoming drama is based off the Battle of Midway from World War II, and he's assembled a killer cast to bring the story to life. This includes Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Nick Jonas, Mandy Moore, Woody Harrelson, Darren Criss, and Dennis Quaid. The trailer teases an epic and thrilling journey, and the movie will arrive in theaters on November 8th.

Like A Boss

Like a Boss is a decidedly lighter movie, and its first trailer got a fair amount of attention on the internet upon being released this week. Directed by Miguel Arteta, the upcoming comedy is a take on the beauty industry, and looks like a hilarious and fun time in the theaters. The story follows two friends played by Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish, as they attempt to start a beauty company together. The problem is their respective attitudes, which should create workplace comedy. Salma Hayek and Billy Porter make up the supporting cast, with the movie hitting theaters January 10th, 2020.


Waves is one of the trailers on this list coming from a movie that participated in the Toronto International Film Festival. It Comes At Night director Trey Edward Shults directed the upcoming drama, which follows the life of Kelvin Harrison Jr.'s Tyler and his family. In it, Tyler is pushed to the limit of his young life by father Ronald played by This is Us standout Sterling K. Brown. The movie has been getting serious praise, and boasts more talent like Hamilton's Renee Elise Goldsberry and Lucas Hedges. Waves will get its full theatrical release on November 1st.

Little Monsters

Zombies have been the source of inspiration for quite a few movies, with the apocalyptic genre becoming more popular through the release of projects like Zombieland and AMC's The Walking Dead.  Abe Forsythe's Little Monsters looks like it isn't going to take itself too seriously, taking a page from Sean of the Dead. The upcoming comedy stars Lupita Nyong'o as a teacher, whose school trip goes terribly wrong when the zombie apocalypse begins. Josh Gad plays TV personality Tedd McGiggle, who looks like he's going to be a serious scene-stealer in the genre bending project. Little Monsters will get a limited theatrical release on October 8th, before streaming on Hulu starting October 11th.


Radioactive is another TIFF participant that released a trailer this week. The Rosamund Pike-led movie is set to close out the festival tomorrow night, in a gala presentation. The upcoming biopic is directed by Marjane Satrapi, following the life of physicist Marie Curie. Pike plays that protagonist, as she attempts to make her scientific work known and change the world in the process. Sam Riley and Anya Taylor-Joy fill out the cast, and it looks like Rosamund Pike will put the same type of conviction and ferocity into her performance as she did in Gone Girl. Radioactive will hit theaters sometime in 2020.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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