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This fall NBC is launching a workplace comedy that seems to be in questionable taste, the white-guy-travels-to-Indian-call-center sitcom Outsourced. But the people who brought you Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock aren't stopping there as they mine workplaces for laughs, and have picked up a pilot order for a comedy that sounds much more promising that Outsourced. According to Deadline the network outbid Fox to make a pilot commitment to Brave New World, set at a "living museum" where employees must dress like Pilgrims.

So basically if you thought it was funny to see the characters on Party Down going about their lives while wearing pink cummerbunds and bowties, you'll definitely love it when similar characters are dressed in Pilgrim garb. I actually do like the idea behind this, especially since it's not another attempt to replicate The Office and actually seems to be offering something fairly new. The show comes from Peter Tolan, who co-created the detective series The Job and the currently running Rescue Me; Brave New World is a slight switch from gritty stories of cops and firefighters, but again, Tolan making this switch seems likely to bring something new to the table here. Something new beyond shoe buckles, at least.

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