NBC can't seem to settle on a name for their upcoming soapy drama, which more recently, had been going by the title Infamous. From writer Liz Heldens, the series is among those new shows slated for a midseason release and it looks like it's getting another title change as it's being reported that Infamous will now go by the name Deception.

The drama stars Meagan Good, Victor Garber, and Tate Donovan, and follows Detective Joanna Locasto, a woman who returns to the wealthy family and home where she grew up to snoop around and try to uncover the truth behind the death of her once-best friend Vivian, who died of a supposed drug overdose at the age of 32. Deadline posted the news today, stating that the series, which was originally titled Notorious and then changed to Infamous is now titled Deception.

I'll admit, "Deception" has a slightly sharper edge to it, though it does come a bit closer to ABC's drama Revenge by the title. While the story sounds different enough for that not to be a major issue, it seems likely that NBC's hoping to target some of (or all of) the same audience with their series. Revenge also happens to follow a woman with a secret agenda immersing herself in the wealthy environment in which she grew up.

As a title, Infamous sounded better than Notorious, but Deception is a step up for that. Now, hopefully the name will stick. Deadline says they're readying a marketing campaign for the series, so it seems likely that this will be the final title change.

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